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Airship Dracula

The Victorian Internet connected the nineteenth century world…and awakened an ancient evil.

  • Airship Dracula radically reimagines a portion of Bram Stoker’s legendary novel as an animated, steampunk thrill ride. The famous Orient Express takes to the skies as it carries passengers across Europe aboard a luxurious zeppelin. But when people begin disappearing one by one, it becomes clear to passengers and crew alike that something sinister is on the airship – something that came aboard from Transylvania. Will the rapidly dwindling group survive to reach London?

    This adventure spins a visionary new take on Dracula, placing it in a world where mechanical computers connect via telegraph to create a 19th century Internet, complete with versions of email, Facebook and Twitter; where the same technology that connects people closer together inspires a distant evil to reach out and threaten the future.
  • Key Actors: Alan Tudyk, Tammin Sursok, Paul Sorvino
  • Director: Mike Roberts
  • Writer: Jay Bushman
  • Show Genre: Animation





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