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Amelia Swansmith


In a time of rapidly changing ideas about the proper place of a woman in society, Amelia Swansmith is a barrier-breaker.  She writes for the periodical Steam & Steel, the Wired of its time, covering the new technologies of the Aethernet.  And when even the bravest of women journalists are restricted in what stories they pursue, Amelia has traveled abroad on a solo journey, attempting to break the fictional record by circling the globe in less than eighty days.

Now, after seventy days of travel, Amelia is preparing to return home triumphantly, full of stories about her adventures. Her editors have secured her a passage on the maiden voyage of the new passenger zeppelin Demeter.  In exchange, they expect her to write something flattering about the ship.  But after everything she’s seen, Amelia will not be easily impressed.

All she’s looking for now are a few days of smooth sailing so she can relax and organize her notes.  Unfortunately, she picked the wrong ship.

  • IMDB: Tammin Sursok
  • Character: Amelia Swansmith
  • Ride Appearances: Airship Dracula

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