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When you're a telepath, it really is the thought that counts.

  • Claire can hear thoughts - and so can you. The RIDES platform brings you this fast-paced, fun story about a young woman who can read minds... with a twist you’ve never experienced before. You can watch what the people in Claire's world do and say on your browser, just like regular TV - but Rides uses your phone to let you do what Claire does:  listen in on their private thoughts.

    CLAIRE is a series of short episodes about the Telepath Next Door. Claire never took karate, owned a gun, or wanted to fight crime - but she's smart, she's brave, and she's got a super-power, and that's enough to get a modern young woman in plenty of trouble.

    Watch Episode 1 - The Stick-Up - (5 Minutes)
  • Key Actors: Nicole Hayden, Tyler Poelle, Takayo Fischer, Will Blagrove
  • Director: Landon Zakheim
  • Writer: Sean Stewart
  • Show Genre: Dramedy



  • Claire
    Your friendly neighborhood telepath - clever, funny, ...more
  • Keiko
    Who stocks tamarind-flavored soft drinks? Isn't that ...more
  • PJ
    Oddly enough, "convenience store robber" was exact ...more
  • Mike
    What Claire knows that Mike thinks is a secret:  he ...more