Dirty Work extras: character

William Foley


Dear Mr. Foley, Yanni called. He wants his hair back. In addition to his inability to gamble without drowning $20,000 in debt, William Foley has quite the extensive rug- I mean, wig- collection. Having squandered the majority of his meager earnings on a ‘priceless’ collection of wigs from the “Yanni- 1997 Excalibur Las Vegas Tour”, it comes as no surprise that Foley met his timely end in the most horrific of fashions. And speaking of fashion, you should see his Marie Antoinette collection. The Smithsonian Institute has been eager to lay their sophisticated hands on those powdered faux locks. Clearly they’re to die for.

  • IMDB: Jimm Giannini
  • Character: William Foley
  • Ride Appearances: Dirty Work: Beast

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