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In a world without light, how far would you go to survive?

  • One day, with no warning or explanation, the Sun went out. So did the Moon, the stars, and all electricity. When the sky went black, society collapsed. Now a few desperate people survive.

    Then, a year after the darkness fell, an extremely bright light,like an enormous flare, rises into the sky lighting up the world. Within 60 seconds it disappears into the atmosphere, bringing the crushing darkness back. But, every 24 hours at exactly the same time, the Flare reappears.

    Is it salvation or is it the end?
  • Key Actors: Mark Moses, Jamie McShane, Noah Hunt, Ashleigh Craig
  • Show Genre: Drama



  • Dale
    A middle class guy before the darkness, Dale is lear ...more
  • Burke
    Before the darkness, Burke was a suburban guy who ow ...more
  • Sid
    Sid feels he has the skills he needs to survive. He ...more
  • Anna
    Anna is Burke’s insulin-dependent diabetic daughte ...more