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Where the past, future and present intertwine.

  • Introducing visionary YouTube creator, Joe Penna's (aka MysteryGuitarMan) newest project and directorial debut - Meridian!

    Enter the world of Meridian, a 3-part adventure where time and space expand and contract, revealing a mystery, one sliver at a time.

    Follow Jeff, a smart but directionless techie, some would say an “unchallenged” geek, as he falls down a mystic rabbit hole-leaving behind his dead-end job in tech support.   He is thrust into the stuff of legend when he comes across an ancient Aztec necklace, revealing past and future events hidden from everyone else and changing his life forever.

    Jeff has to move fast and think even faster if he is to survive.

    Watch Part 1!

    Watch Part 2!

    Watch Part 3!

  • Key Actors: Orlando Jones, Mary Alyce Kania, Rick Overton, Mark Gantt
  • Director: Joe Penna
  • Writers: Joe Penna & Michael Cruz
  • Show Genre: Drama



  • Jeff
    An underachieving techie, who floats through life as ...more
  • Alan
    Devoted father grieving for his son, kidnapped and m ...more
  • Angela
    Angela is a sweet and capable tech support agent and ...more


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