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Did you know that YOU are a cyborg?

Don’t’ freak out just yet. Let me explain.

In his panel at the Cannes Lions Festival in France June 22nd, Fourth Wall Studios’ CEO Jim Stewartson compared media consumers to these pseudo-robots.

In his presentation “Dimensionalized Branded Content: Reaching and Engaging the Multi-tasking, Multi-screen Audience” Stewartson defined a cyborg as, “a human who has certain physiological processes aided or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices.”

“All of us have a hard drive the size of human knowledge basically jacked into our brains. It's called Google. We all know the powerlessness and anxiety that comes from being unconnected. It's because we're cyborgs. Get used to it!” says Stewartson.

This connectivity has steadily increased over the past few years. 80 percent of people with smart phones multitask while watching TV – fact not lost on

Stewartson who, until co-founding Fourth Wall Studios, pioneered Alternate Reality Gaming marketing. The new RIDES platform aims to tap into this growing connectivity.  According to Stewartson, it engages the audience in a much different way than ARGs.

“Normal people can experience Rides. ARGs are basically like kidnapping the player, blindfolding them, and parachuting them naked into a foreign country. Rides are more like an amusement park ride. You know what you're getting into, how long it will take, how challenging it will be, and when it's over.”

According to a March 2012 Harris Interactive survey:

  • 47% of tablet owners are significantly more likely to take an action (voting, purchasing, etc.) in response to what they’re watching.

  • 56% want devices that support each other and multiple-screen viewing.

Which puts Fourth Wall Studios and other transmedia companies in the perfect position to tell stories that truly connect with the audience. Stewartson believes Fourth Wall Studios is poised to lead the way for this next generation storytelling.

“The show was really interesting. There's a LOT of attention being paid to figuring out the new business models emerging out of the transition away from traditional entertainment. We like that.”