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Fourth Wall Studios' Elan Lee, Co-founder and CCO, Sean Stewart, Co-founder and Head Writer, Behnam Karbassi, VP of Production, Steve Peters, VP of Experience Design, and Zach Schiff-Abrams, Executive Producer, presented the keynote address at this year's Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo at the Burbank Marriott Hotel.

The group addressed multiscreen entertainment and the platform. Here are some notable images and quotes from the presentation.

"Engagement & metrics are what it is all about. On average people who come to stay for 20% longer than the show," said Karbassi

"In a way," says Schiff-Abrams, " allows you to tell stories about people's internal thoughts. Dirty Work is a great example."

"It's important to us to build out content beyond the natural fits of tech/thriller genres" said Stewart of

 Photos courtesy Jessica Jewell