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  • Dec brings you RVC! The hilarious new comedy about the second worst home shopping channel! Each week Terry “Tey Jey” Jey, Bob “The Blob” Dobbleson and the rest of the RVC gang do their best to sell the worst products out there; from banana flavored cigarettes, to cigarette flavored bananas! If for some reason you’re looking for training wheels for your roller skates, they have them! They even have 5 second sleep, the anti-energy drink that lets you sleep for 5 seconds! As if the products they were trying to sell weren’t ridiculous enough, it’s nothing compared to the ridiculousness they find themselves in off camera. Tey and Blob have had to have face sex with a squid, out wit a one-eyed attorney malpractice attorney, and conduct a seance to keep a ghost from putting his dick in people’s face. But it’s all in a days work at RVC: “The home shopping channel, that JUST MAKES CENTS!”

And as they say in the shopping channel biz, “...but that’s not all, THERE'S MORE!!!” RVC is also an interactive series! That means when Blob is being stalked, you the viewer can receive the same funny text messages on your phone when Blob receives them in the episode. Or when the RVC gang makes their picks for the office “Pitch Man Dead Pool”, you the viewer can play along with the interactive platform and make YOUR picks on which pitch man you think will be the next to kick the bucket! You can even call the toll free number at the bottom of the RVC shopping channel! (Seriously, try it!  303-800-5143)

Fourth Wall Studios, whose last comedy brought home an Emmy, has partnered with rising comics T.J. Miller (She’s Out of My League, Chelsea Lately, Comedy Central’s Mash Up, Conan) and Nick Vatterott (Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, Mash-Up, Conan, Fallon) on their newest comedy endeavor in interactive entertainment. Funny products, ridiculous characters all on an interactive medium! What are you waiting for? Tune in now! Comedy is standing by!