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RIDES are interactive story experiences that come to you via all the channels that you use in your everyday life - your video screen, but also your mobile devices, your email and your text messages. These multi-platform touch points deepen the connection to the story and create dynamic interactions that bring the content to life.

At the beginning, a RIDE will look very much like a normal web video. It has a timeline, and a play/pause button. But there are also a few differences.

Along the timeline are a series of dots - these are cues for you to receive transmedia content. When you're watching the video and the timeline reaches one of these dots, you will receive this extra contents through a variety of means - phone calls, emails, text messages or extra video clips.

When you reach a piece of this transmedia content, a notification window will pop up to alert you. You have the choice of getting the content on the main screen, or having it routed to your devices.

Once you create an account and enter your information, you can set the system to automatically send all the transmedia content to your devices, for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

The timeline also has diamond shapes that mark chapter breaks. In the chapter breaks, you will be able to examine all of the transmedia content you received - so if you miss something or want to replay something, you can.

There's a full tutorial available here.

Or if you want to dive right in, go ahead. You can start with:

Dirty Work

Claire: The Stickup

Goldfish Theatre

Home: A Ghost Story