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1.  How did you get involved in transmedia?

BK: Though I feel like I've been training for Transmedia my entire career, it wasn't until working on The Dark Knight ARG that I was fully immersed.  After launching my company, No Mimes Media, my partners and me came to be regarded as thought leaders in the space.

2.  How does the production process change when working on a RIDE?

BK: There are many special considerations when producing a Ride: audio production and post production play much bigger roles, as do other assets like stills.  But the true difference is during development (considering the audience experience in the planning stages) and post (testing and tuning the content until its just right for a Ride)

3.  Who or what is the biggest help to you when producing a RIDE?

BK: Everyone plays a part including the experience designer, the writers, the artists (both visual and content related), the tech and product teams and my beloved production crew.  Cookies also help.

4.  Which project has been your favorite so far?

BK: The Cathedral teaser, though I'm biased since it was my Fourth Wall directorial debut.  But boy does that still inspire me.  I also like Goldfish Theatre since it is pure silliness but does use Rides in a simple way.

5.  What upcoming projects are you excited about?

BK: There are so many, I can barely keep track…  The Gamblers will be our first use of the virtual production process… it will blow your mind.