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How did you get involved with Dirty Work?

Adam Hendricks – one of the development juggernauts here at Fourth Wall – we had developed a screenplay together a couple years back.  Adam grew uncomfortably fond of me during that process and when Dirty Work was in the early stages of development he called me up, thinking I might be just mentally ill enough to pull off a script.  I wrote a sample, fooled everyone into thinking I knew what I was doing – and this initial draft become the basis for the pilot.


How was it making the transition from traditional scriptwriting to writing for RIDES?

It’s been a fairly smooth transition.  Writing a RIDE is kind of wonderful for a writer because it’s all about additional content relevant to the story.  So for someone as insufferably longwinded as I am, it’s a real gift.  So to answer your question – the transition has been seamless.  I’m a bloody natural.  Actually, I’m an idiot.

You’re also a musician – how did you incorporate music into Dirty Work?

When I was thinking of ideas and settings for the pilot, I figured I might as well write about something I’m familiar with.  So I set the first episode at a recording studio.  Then I thought – hey, what if Pete has musical ambitions?  So that turned into me pawning off my actual recordings on to the character.  I assumed that making Pete a songwriter might be an okay idea.  It gives him a passion outside cleaning up human remains.

Which of the characters would you say is most like you?

I’d say Michelle.  Because I’m exceedingly kind and I have to pee a lot.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had to clean?

Soft dog shit from a shag carpet.  It was warm and smelled of death.  I would soon after have to clean my own vomit.