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1.    What was important to you about the character of Claire?

SS: First and foremost, I wanted to write a strong female lead who wasn’t just a dude in a hot outfit.  I think over the last fifteen years we’ve had a steady diet of Lara Croft-style bad-ass babes who, at the end of the day, felt like male fantasies rather than actual women.

2.    Why write a story about a telepath?

SS: Actually, this came out of a conversation about RIDES, and thinking about what the platform could do that was different from standard video.  “What if you put regular life on the browser – but on the phone you had access to this completely different channel – you could hear things that OF COURSE nobody living in just the browser could hear.”


3.    Would you consider this show to be an action or a comedy? The first episode is all about an action moment – Claire trying to foil someone robbing a convenience store.  Will future episodes branch out to cover her friends and family, etc?

SS: I think the best action stories are also character stories – we watch Sherlock Holmes because we love seeing him exercise his peculiar genius; but also because we love the interplay between Sherlock and Watson. So while future episodes of Claire will always show her using her powers in action-oriented situations, we will also branch out to show her relationships with friends and family.

4.    How did Claire come by her powers?

SS: She was born this way.  You know – some kids are good at math; some see dead people; some can hear other people’s thoughts.   I’ve always been fascinated by the way that families end up just accepting one another; I think Claire’s big sister has spent her whole life having to defuse situations started by Claire blurting out stuff you really, really shouldn’t say out loud.

Interesting fact:  if you research people who honestly think they can read thoughts or feelings, they often report that this ability fades the better they know someone.  In other words, while Claire has a few old friends, she finds it hard to make new ones, in part because the better she knows someone, the less access she has to what they are feeling, and Claire really, really, really likes to know exactly what is going on.

5.    What’s up with the Eleven Hour Rocket Milk?

SS: One of the problems Claire has to deal with every day is the constant cacophony of other people’s thoughts – it’s like living your whole life in a crowded, noisy bar.   For Claire, focus is the key to sanity – she needs to be able to shut out the babble.

Stimulants tend to help people focus.  Claire is knocking back triple espressos every morning and clutching her precious cans of Eleven Hour Rocket Milk for the same reason doctors give Ritalin to people with ADD.