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Welcome to the RIDES.TV news page. Here, you'll find you news about the people behind the RIDES you can experience on this site. Get a look behind the curtain at how RIDES are made.

We're launching the site with three RIDES. There's the dark comedy series Dirty Work that follows the misadventures of a crime scene cleanup crew. Dirty Work stars Mary-Lynn Rajskub, Hank Harris, Jamie Clayton and Matt L. Jones. The first three episodes will be available in May, with further episodes planned for the fall.

We also have two short RIDES. Claire: The Stickup is about a reluctant telepath who uses her talent to foil the world's worst stickup artist. And Goldfish Theatre shows you just what can happen if you leave your fish in front of the TV for too long.

There's a whole calendar full of RIDES that will be available on this site in the coming months. Some will be produced by Fourth Wall Studios and other will be made by partner companies.