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RVC. It just makes CENTS!

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    RVC has an AMAZING deal for you! A hilarious comedy about the second lowest rated shopping network in the country! On-Air, home shopping hosts Terry "Tey Jey" Jey and Bob “The Blob” Dobberson push everything from ice cream strainers to roller skate training wheels. Off-Air, they get pushed around by everyone from rival shopping channels to one eyed lawyers.

    Act now on watching RVC and we'll throw in bead connoisseur and RVC building owner Jubie Bloon, master salesman Danny Beaker "The black Leprechaun" and ex-bible salesman and RVC head honcho Terry Hutch! That's five hysterical RVC personalities, PLUS crazy guests each episode, PLUS insane products all on one low channel!

    Why are you still reading this? Watch an episode! There's only a little time remaining! Seriously, we're all slowly dying! So before you expire, watch RVC, the home shopping channel that "Just Makes Cents!"
  • Key Actors: T.J. Miller, Nick Vatterott, Ron Lynch, Charlotte Newhouse, Brandon Johnson
  • Director: Jeff Tomsic
  • Writer: T.J. Miller, Nick Vatterott
  • Show Genre: Comedy



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