When a disturbed young boy has to fend for himself, will the voice he hears help him survive?

  • The DARK WALL anthology presents chilling tales of murder, madness and the unexplainable.  Mr. Dark Wall scours the world to find everything from psychological thrillers to tales of the paranormal to slasher stories, and shares each unsettling episode with you.

    He promises that they’ll rouse your fears in a disturbingly personal new way.

    Whispers, the first installment of the DARK WALL anthology is a story about a young boy with some issues, and his father, who loves him more than anything but is limited in his ability to care for him. When the boy is left to fend for himself, he has only his special friend—someone only he can see and hear--to help him survive whatever is howling in the basement.
  • Key Actors: Gianni Decenzo, Joseph Kell
  • Director: George Ratliff
  • Writer: Maureen McHugh
  • Show Genre: Horror
  • Running Time: 15:06